From Nappies to Investment property – Identifying and Acting on those Missed Opportunities

We are all so focused on the money going out of our pockets that we sometimes don’t notice what’s coming in. When you think about it, there are many events in our lives when we do actually have a financial win, but because of our busy lifestyles, we don’t register them. It starts as early as when your children grow out of nappies. baby-surpriseDuring the first 2.5 years of life the average spending on disposable nappies is over $3,000 per child, not including baby wipes, nappy rash creams etc.

So what happens to that $100 or more each month when the kids are toilet trained? It gets absorbed in our daily living! This is a great opportunity to start paying down your mortgage and increasing your equity so you can start planning your steps into property investment.

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