Here we will try and address all your Frequently Asked Questions here.

Why use a mortgage broker?
We do the homework for you and you choose which loan you prefer. It is our job to help you solve the mortgage puzzle and find the product which best suits your needs. A mortgage broker will also collect and collate the necessary documents, be able to answer any queries you may have about the loan contracts and will continue to support you once the loan has settled.
How are our services free of charge?
Our home loan service is free of charge to our customers because the lenders pay us. This means that you get the services of a professional mortgage broker helping you navigate through the mine field of the mortgage world and the fee he or she earns from the Lender, is not paid by you and does not impact on the interest rate you pay on your home loan.
How many lenders do you compare?
We have access to 25 different financial institutions within Australia and over 400 different loan products.
What will my repayments be?
Go to our calculator and enter your details. You’ll soon find out!
How can we be sure that you will recommend a suitable loan?
It is a common misconception that mortgage brokers suggest sometimes unsuitable products to clients in order to maximise their incentives. The reason for this is that prior to the regulation of our industry in 2010 there were a few unscrupulous mortgage brokers which gave the rest of us a bad name. We recommend several suitable loans for you and then let you decide which one you would like to apply with. In fact, as a holder of an Australian Credit Licence it is against the law for us to assist you with applying for an unsuitable loan.


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