Want Your Kids to Move Out? – Four Different Ways to Help Your Kids Enter the Property Market

With over 30% of adult children still living at home it’s no wonder parents may have to consider working until they are 70! The challenge of home ownership for young Australians is an enormous issue. However the consequences for parents are just as concerning. Studies show 46% of parents were happy to relinquish their empty-nest lifestyle and [Read more…]

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Property Investing – PART 1

For most people, purchasing investment property is a road to wealth. Real estate agents, investment gurus and financial advisers all sing the praises of buying investment property as a sure fire way to make money. Whenever the topic of buying property for investment is written about in the media only the positive aspects are talked [Read more…]

How to Deal with Real Estate Agents

One of the most intimidating aspects of looking for a new property to purchase is dealing with real estate agents.  A number of my clients have reported some very amusing and some very appalling stories of their dealings with a real estate agent when purchasing a home. Now this article is not to bag real [Read more…]

From Nappies to Investment property – Identifying and Acting on those Missed Opportunities

We are all so focused on the money going out of our pockets that we sometimes don’t notice what’s coming in. When you think about it, there are many events in our lives when we do actually have a financial win, but because of our busy lifestyles, we don’t register them. It starts as early as when your children grow out of nappies. During the first [Read more…]

The New Credit Reporting Changes and what it means for you

The New Credit Reporting Changes and what it means for you As of 12 March this year significant changes have been made to the credit reporting system in Australia. This will impact anyone applying for a home loan. At present, when you make a loan application the first thing the bank does is to obtain [Read more…]

5 Rules for Refinancing your Home Loan

The real estate market is in an interesting phase at the moment. House prices are rising and interest rates are at a very low level. This means that many home owners with mortgages are thinking about refinancing their home loan to a new bank. There are many reasons why people contemplate refinancing their home loan. [Read more…]

4 Reasons to Choose a Finance Broker Rather Than go Direct to a Bank

If you are in the market for finance there are a number of good reasons why you should choose a finance broker to assist you with obtaining a loan rather than directly approaching a bank. Finance Brokers are trained, licensed professional who will be able to find the loan that best suits your particular circumstances. [Read more…]

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Loan Application is Successful

In today’s slow property market it has become quite apparent that the banks are not as keen to lend money as they once were. For anybody trying to purchase a property or refinance an existing loan it has become a lot harder to get their loan application approved. If you are thinking about buying a [Read more…]

5 Ways to Manage Rising Interest Rates

Interest rates are on the rise and that is causing enormous concern amongst home owners everywhere.  If you are a borrower and have a variable rate home loan then it is important that you reassess your budget as soon as possible and take some form of preventive action. It appears the Reserve Bank of Australia [Read more…]

Is it time to fix rates?

There is an increasing level of noise in the media about whether or not interest rates are about to go up. Such debate can certainly cause an unnecessary level of anxiety amongst home owners who have an existing mortgage. The first thought many home owners have is whether they should fix their current home loan [Read more…]

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