It has been very much in the news lately that APRA, the banking regulator, is forcing banks to make changes to the way they assess loan applications. These changes will have a big impact on whether or not your loan will be approved by a bank. Amongst the numerous changes there are three which will [Read more…]


Negative gearing or the process of claiming a tax deduction for losses incurred in renting out a property, is a hot topic in the news at the moment. A lot of what has been published about negative gearing in the mainstream press is misinformed. Here I am going identify some of the myths that are [Read more…]


There are two types of car finance available and both have their distinctive features. The first is consumer finance. This is finance for a person to purchase a car for personal use. The second type of car finance is for business, that is, finance for a car that will be used primarily for business purposes. [Read more…]


With the mining boom winding down there has been a surge in people losing their jobs or being made redundant. Many of these people have mortgages and when they lose their jobs they are unsure of their rights with regards to not being able to meet their mortgage payments. The good news is that there [Read more…]

Have your Tax and Spend it too!

When you own a negatively geared investment property, did you know that the tax office will let you have your FUTURE TAX RETURN in your WEEKLY PAY? How to make investing in property more affordable each week… If you are a salary or wage earner with a regular pay packet, it may be worthwhile learning about the [Read more…]

Superannuation – Is an SMSF property loan for you?

Your superannuation is one of the most important, not to mention tax efficient, ways to save for the most rewarding stage of your life – retirement. Unfortunately, almost half of Australians aged between 45 and 64 do not feel confident they have adequate funds to do what they want in retirement. Having the right plans in [Read more…]

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Property Investing – PART 2

This is the second part of this series on how to avoid the pitfalls of property investing. In this post I am going to identify and discuss two more pitfalls to be aware when deciding to invest in real estate. These next two pitfalls are a little bit harder to identify and deal with then [Read more…]

Building or renovating? Financing can be tricky – things you should know

Building or renovating is a great way to achieve the house you desire. You have the freedom to add quality craftsmanship and the design features that you and your family will value. Creative projects like these are both exciting and stressful. Many new home  owners and upgraders look at the benefits of purchasing a house and land package. Not only do you need the right [Read more…]

The heat is on – Identifying the key areas related to your household’s energy bill

The cost of electricity continues to be a hot topic of conversation and is placing stress on many household budgets. In the last 10 to 12 years the average increase in electricity prices across Australia has been a staggering 134.5%. So if you are feeling the heat, you are not alone. We’d like to help you [Read more…]

3 Reasons Why Interest Rates Will Stay Low

The future direction of interest rates is a topic that the mainstream media is always talking about. The monthly Reserve Bank of Australia meetings are highly publicised and during the lead up to each meeting economic commentators in the mainstream media go into overdrive where their thoughts on the future direction of interest rates. My [Read more…]

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